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who is debe dohrer....

A Misfit!


I have never “fit in”.   I have always marched to the beat of a different drummer; have always been a maverick, and a non-conformist on some level.  I have never been a joiner or a follower.   Even after getting a cancer threat 35 years ago, and then given 2 years to live with a liver disease 20 years ago, I never surrendered!  Both of those particular events, plus other bumps along the road made me even more discerning about who I needed to be and what my mission was.  They all heightened my awareness to the fact that appearance was integral and paramount to productivity.


In the year 2000 I started CustomRAGS, my custom clothing business because I wanted to assist others in reaching their pinnacle thru appearance and style which seep into every aspect of life.  I wanted to assist in self-confidence but by deviating from the norm.  I never want my clients to settle for mediocrity in their wardrobe.  


In 2008 debe dohrer design was created – conceptual accessories for the unconventional.  My jewelry line is not for the meek.  It’s an unapologetic, attention worthy jewelry component that is memorable, and always makes a statement. 

The collaboration of style continues thru out all of my accessories.  


My ultimate wish and desire is for you to treasure your pieces from debe dohrer design.


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