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what is favre 4 hope?


In 1995, Brett and Deanna began their charity outreach by donating to 501c3 agencies providing support and services to disadvantaged and disabled children in Mississippi and Wisconsin. In 2005, after Deanna completed her treatment for breast cancer, the Favres extended their mission statement to include supporting organizations providing financial aid for breast cancer patients.

Since the inception of the Foundation, over $8 million dollars has been donated to charities in Wisconsin and Mississippi. The Favre 4 Hope Foundation does not solicit grant applications but instead has chosen to partner with several charities.



In 2007 Debe became part of an elite group of 8 that were official custom clothiers for the NFL Coaches Club.  Being the only female she was asked to assist Deanna Favre as an image consultant while Deanna toured with her best-selling book “Don’t Bet Against Me”.  In the interim of running her then 7 year old custom clothing business, CustomRAGS, Debe took a jewelry class and Deanna one day admired her first sample bracelet.  She requested some designs for her own wardrobe and one thing lead to another....


The Favres have been such an integral part of debe dohrer design, with a mission and charity near and dear to Debe's heart. Thus a percentage of the woven glass jewelry sales go to Favre 4 Hope, bringing the life of the line full circle and providing life for a child or woman in need. 



If you would like to make an additional donation to Favre 4 Hope click:


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