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A person walks in a room, there's something about them that you can't put your finger on, but they stand out. They quietly turn heads. It has absolutely nothing to do with beauty, fame, or wealth. That's where I come in as a professional image consultant. It's my goal as the owner of CustomRAGS and debe dohrer design to assist my clients in exuding a strong individuality. It's truly my hunger to create all of my designs, whether it's a fashion forward t-shirt, a shredded lambs wool scarf, a torn linen scarf with holes, or a woven glass bracelet, to be that "it" piece that makes an entire look gel. Each piece that I design and create has my personal fingerprint on it somewhere. No piece is alike. It's meant to subliminally grab visual attention. The end result is an individual who walks with confidence and ultimately lives a more inspiring life.

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