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Let's Talk About Layering

It's more than an accessory, more than a jewelry piece.

It's an expression of individuality, of character, of confidence. How bold are you willing to be? How daring will you allow yourself to go? Show me... in the layers.

Layering jewelry is a playful opportunity to announce one's style. Here are 3 Tips to Layering DDD Jewelry.

Photo: NE228 Brass Bicone Beads, NE232 Antler and Brass & NE234 Bone in Metal


Pair Different Sizes

The key to layering is pairing multiple necklaces with different sizes. This adds drama while also "filling in the gaps". This is a secret accessory power. By "gaps" I'm referring to the space between the layered necklaces or the desired area you, either, want to draw attention to or away from. For example, say I'm wearing a v-neck shirt and I want to draw attention to my face and away from my chest. I would layer necklaces in the gap or space between my neck and shirt neckline(see figure 1).

By layering necklaces in the gap, we've now achieved our goal to draw attention to the face.

Photo: #27 out of the box, LB111 Serpent & NE207 Painted Ebony Necklace


Use Materials that Compliment

Have you purchased a beautiful jewelry piece just to find yourself in the closet asking "what can I wear with this?"

Here's the deal, you don't have to only combine jewelry that matches, so take that pressure off your shoulders. They just need to have complimentary materials. Little elements that favor. For example, in the photo above we show the Serpent Leather Necklace paired with the Hand Painted Ebony Necklace. These two are not matching, however, they both have brass and brown elements that make these two pieces look good together.

Photo: Chunky and Long, NE224 Copal Resin Necklace Sold out & NE217 Salmon Colored Trade Beads


Consider your Color Palette

You are a walking canvas. The displaying possibilities are endless. Clothes and jewelry are a depiction of how we are feeling (or want to feel) that day. Let's revisit the goal mentality. What are you wanting to achieve in your outfit? Are you wanting to stand out by wearing bold colors and patterns or are you a professional who wants to carry herself with confidence when meeting with corporate? Either way, creating a color palette is an effective and, dare I say, fun way to accomplish your outfit goal. As an example, let's re visit the girl with the v-neck. Say her goal is to stand out. She's wearing a black neutral shirt (a great canvas for bold jewelry) and yellow pants. The DDD photo above would be a great pairing to compliment the yellow while also incorporating another color, salmon, to the palette that's warm and inviting.

Following these 3 Tips to Layering Jewelry will help you accomplish your outfit goals with style.

Our hope is that this book will inspire and encourage you standout with confidence as you dress for the day.

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