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My Journey into the NFL

In the year 2005 I got a phone call from Peter Roberti, one of the clothier’s for the NFL Coaches Club. He had attended the NFL Rookie Camp and saw just one Rookie with potential. He commissioned a suit for him and coincidentally he was drafted to the TN Titans as the sixth overall in the 2005 NFL Draft. His name was Adam “Pacman” Jones. Peter called me to see if I could do the fitting on him.Working with Pacman was certainly a pinnacle in my clothing career. I got to know Pacman well and at one point he asked me to assist in starting a foundation called Christine’s Kids named after his Grandmother who died of cancer when he was a freshman at West Virginia University. Unfortunately we were never able to get the 501-C3 off the ground as Pacman had some off the field conduct issues. Nonetheless I adored him and he always showed me his heart of gold.

Pacman Jones with Coach Fisher (2008)

In 2007 Peter asked if I wanted to attend the owner’s meeting in Scottsdale AZ where I could meet with the TN Titans Head Coach, Jeff Fisher. Jeff was without a clothier so it was an easy transition for me, not to mention I grew up in Scottsdale so I was in my element. There were 7 custom clothiers for the NFL Coaches Club at the time and the only way you could acquire a team is if they had a new Head Coach. Otherwise they were already in good hands. The AZ Cardinals had a new Head Coach by the name of Coach Whisenhunt so I asked if I could work with them and also cultivate a client base back in my home town. Well we all know what happened to Coach Whisenhunt. The St. Louis Rams also had a new Head Coach by the name of Scott Linehan and I was already working with the Head of the Sports Media at Anheuser Busch and literally stayed in their carriage house when I was there. It was another natural transition that clearly turned out even better when Coach Fisher took over the Rams.

In 2008, Peter asked if I could assist Brett Favre’s wife Deanna, (I was the only female with the NFL Coaches Club ) as an image consultant for her book tour. Deanna had just completed her book regarding her journey with breast cancer, “Don’t Bet Against Me” and needed assistance with her television and seminar appearances. Deanna and I became great friends and my jewelry line was started because of her. (You can read all about that on our website in the 4 category).

At this point in my CustomRAGS career I no longer pursue the NFL clients. My design business has become 50% of the business and it appeals to a much larger audience. I no longer have the energy or patience to chase NFL rookies as perspective clients. Oh the stories I could tell! Over the years I have been amazingly blessed to work with some incredible athletes and to still have the opportunity to work with Coach Fisher, Deanna, and Brett Favre is icing on the cake. I recently got to create the clothing that Brett Favre wore at the most pivotal moment in his career, the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And Deanna always looks outstanding but I was her image consultant for the same scenario. I just got back from Los Angeles where I got Coach Fisher prepared for the new season with the LOS ANGELES RAMS! To be a part of such epic events is very special indeed.

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