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A Minimalistic Approach

Learning to simplify whether in part or completely....

A Minimalistic Approach


/ˈmɪnɪməˌlɪzəm/noun design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect

Minimalism is the art of intentional simplicity. Whether it is in appearance, aesthetic, mindset or lifestyle, there's a choice to find what's essential to you and a cleansing period to get rid of the rest. In the blog, Holly shares her journey to discovering how to apply minimalism to her life. She shares her struggle with developing her style and the reward and clarity she felt when she walked into her junk free home. This encouraged me to think about how I could apply this to my lifestyle. Ask yourself;

  • What is essential and important?

  • What can I gain and what do I need to let go of?

  • Do I need to simplify for a season or turn this into a lifestyle?

Be intentional and base every decision on those fundamentals through your journey.

1. Appearance According to Holly, from, there are three things to decide before purging and scaling down your wardrobe:

  • Color Palette- Know what colors you enjoy and what compliments your skin tone and personality.

Silhouette- What shapes befriend your body? Are you wanting to mimic feminine elegance, androgynous flexibility, or unpredictable artistry?

  • Motif/ Vibe- Consider what you want your style and body language to say. Do you want your style to resemble an autumn day, Paris, Vogue?

2. Aesthetic A minimalistic home must first declutter the unnecessary and unwanted. This could be old mail, coupons, magnets, dated cards, expired food, unwanted gifts, etc... Anything that is excess to the essentials. Clear out the closets, the cabinets, and the garage. A physical and symbolic way of clearing the air and letting go. The goal is to create a clean, relaxing, and happy environment. Less stuff means more room to think.

3. Mindset This is an opportunity to get to know yourself. Understanding your wants vs. your needs. Choosing a mantra that draws you back to your essentials and fundamentals. Focusing on one thing at a time and practicing a simplified approach. The challenge here is to be patient. Patient with the process and with yourself.

Bonus- 4. Lifestyle "Minimalism is a process, and it doesn't end. It's a conscious reaffirming to yourself everyday to choose only what you need and love. It's not a state you reach once and exist in forever." -Holly( Does minimalism fit your way of life? It's always good to declutter, know yourself, and understand your wants vs. your needs but for some that may be enough. Others may find themselves through minimalism and devote to it for years to come. No matter your decision, the one thing to walk away with is how can you simplify? Letting go is hard. What ever you hold onto becomes a part of you. But the clarity and freedom that comes with minimizing and narrowing down what's important brings reward thats worth the process.

"In the end what matters most to me is what I was able to create, not what I was able to have." -Holly( Feeling inspired? Share this blog with your friends with the links below. Share your thoughts by leaving us a comment on our Facebook Page:

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