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"No one wants to look like the human version of Rooms to Go"

This is the quintessential fashion quote from one of our biggest fans and favorite clients Regina Domski Seider. We are given this incredible gift called fashion and the beauty of fashion is that the

sky's the limit. There are no ceilings. No barriers. Some may say that there are some "No No's" and that good taste should take precedent which is how I personally feel, but we still have the ability to mold, bend, puncture, and manipulate the norm.

Don't be afraid to mix textures and patterns. The rule of thumb is to use a dominant color and coordinate it with a pattern where that same color is the slightest. Within texture, gravitate to soft and hard such as, leather and lace, boiled wool and tulle, tweed and silk. The ultimate goal here is to turn heads and receive compliments because you have pulled off an "effortless" look.


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