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Spanish Ombre Neckpieces....oh my!

Every creative mind or artist is inspired and influenced by someone else’s design. For those of us that have that continual dialogue going on in our head, it’s a magical process, and sometimes an agonizing process. It never stops.

So here is how the Spanish neckpieces came about. I was waiting on some overdue textiles to arrive for my new (and not yet) torn and tattered linen scarves, so clearly the creative juices were flowing and I needed to implement them. It was time to add some new designs to the collection, not only for my clientele but for my own sanity. I recalled a necklace I had seen many years back by clothing designer, Brunello Cucinelli that was long and flowy with movement, but in glass. I desired something theatrical with a couture but raw elegance. I wondered if I could create something in a fiber and make it indigenous to the existing jewelry lines, both the woven glass and the medieval metal. It needed similar and cohesive elements, such as glass, metal, and texture. I came across a Spanish ombre cotton thread with flowing strands that I instantly fell in love with.

Every piece of art is an experiment in the beginning. With the neckpieces I had to research and dissect each element to get the visual just right. I always ask myself if I would gravitate to this design if I saw it in a boutique or gallery and the answer was an instant yes. I truly get excited about each new piece.

Each individual neckpiece is one of a kind, with different beads or stones, and each is individually named with a positive affirmation. I have discovered that they seem to speak their own message.

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