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“Season”Ing Your Accessory Wardrobe

Originals- the "usual suspects"

December is here!

For some this brings a sense of merriment, joy, and excitement. Others may imbibe a little more to numb the unresolved. No matter what, we want to do our part and assist you in feeling confident in your Holiday attire. We want to be the “ornament” on your ensemble.

THE BASICS ARE THE KEY! They are your favorite “go to” items, such as the cashmere sweater, the quintessential blouse that goes with everything, and the accessory that receives the most applause. We are all too busy to over-think our outfit these days, so in order to have an unparalleled party experience; here are some of our suggestions.

The Chandelier Necklace is the epitome of versatility. The extra-long length in both bronze and silver soldered chain can create endless possibilities and in this case we paired it with a shorter hammered silver chain with a mesh circle for texture and dimension.

The brass ball chain with SEVEN circles was designed to layer! When worn with this adjustable length fossil necklace compliments will be abundant.

The simple but elegant long tubular chain with the silver sphere makes any shorter necklace look dramatic. In this case the silver Egyptian ankh on 3mm ball chain makes a gorgeous statement.

One of the first pieces I ever designed was the double ring necklace in both brass and silver. It makes a strong testimony on its own but here with the one Egyptian hammered brass bead it looks beyond amazing.

The square rectangular tube chain with washers has always been one of my favorites. Perhaps because it has movement and it shimmers slightly. The long pod necklace complements the washers which make it look like they were made for each other.

I love the long pod necklace from the standards so much that I am showing another favorite way to layer it. Here it is with the brass ball chain and African trade beads. The unique texture, shape, and of course the color allow the “gold” to pop out and make it a show stopper. I love to layer it with the long cross necklace which also has a washer in the center.

The two tone cable link lariat is my personal “go to” accessory, not only because it has the ability to be a choker or a wrap bracelet, paired with a shorter (in this case the silver adjustable chain with fossil necklace) it actually softens the look. This necklace speaks volumes.

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